The Furness Railway


This new edition is essentially a compendium of the two Furness Railway titles produced by the late RW Rush for Oakwood, The Furness Railway 1843-1923 (published 1973) and Furness Railway Locomotives and Rolling Stock (also 1973). Both titles have been unavailable for many years. This new edition combines these two books into one volume, which has been enhanced with the inclusion of many more period photographs. The original locomotives volume included several tables which have been superseded by more recent work and have hence been omitted from this edition. Otherwise, the original text has been retained, except for some errors that have been corrected. The book is an affordable introduction to the Furness Railway, which served what is now south-west Cumbria. There are ten chapters, starting with one on the town and port of Barrow-in-Furness, then several chapters dealing with The Furness and associated railways up to the 1923 Grouping. Chapter 7 deals with the Cleator & Workington Railway, and there are two chapters on locomotives and one on rolling stock. The final chapter looks at accidents, followed by appendices about the locomotive list and gradients.

The Furness Railway had a complex history, in part because of the various mineral lines which served coal, and ore, mines in the hills to the east of Whitehaven, and this is the most concise and readable history of the line we have seen. It was also one of only three British railways which had a class of 'Baltic' 4-6-4 tank locomotives for express services.

184 pages; 152 illustrations