The Hendre Ddu Tramway 'Blue Stones and Green Trees'


Second printing of an exceptionally interesting book about the quarrying and forestry industries of the Dyfi Valley  in the Cadair Idris range of the North Wales mountains. It also details the families who developed the industries, and the men who worked in them.

The 'Tramway' was an accumulation of short 2'6" gauge lines which largely branched off the longest and first tramway, and up to the end of World War 1 this relied on humans, horses and gravity for power After the war, some Motor Rail tractors were introduced, followed by a 'locomotive' largely built from a 1913 Willys-Overland lorry.

The Forestry Commission Tramways were the last to close, in the early 1970s.

This book covers the history of the valley, the industries, the tramway and the people in considerable detail, with large numbers of photographs, both B&W and colour, maps, drawings and charts.224 pages. Hardbound.