The Hull & Barnsley Railway Vol 1: Formation and the Early Years


For the thirty-seven years from 1885 to 1922, the H&B had considerable importance beyond that suggested by its 55 mile long main line, as it led from the collieries of South Yorkshire to the sea, and the development of Hull as a major port.

Surrounded, and beset on all sides by larger competitors, until 1900 the H&B had a bumpy ride, but its establishment of the Alexandra Docks complex enabled it to become firmly established.

The period to 1900 is at the heart of this volume, but the mainline is described in considerable detail, as well as the development of the Alexandra Dock. Also covered are the Company’s locomotives which whilst hardly technically innovative, included some handsome machines. 230 pages. Heavily illustrated with maps and B&E photos. Hardbound.

See also Vol. 2