The Maryport & Carlisle Railway


The Maryport & Carlisle Railway connected the town of Maryport on Cumbria's northwestern coast, with the border city of Carlisle, a distance of some 26 miles. At its greatest extent the total route mileage was around 54 miles. It was in fact the shortest main line railway taken into the LMS at the Grouping.

Small it may have been, but it carried considerable amounts of freight, notably coal and iron ore, and was the northern section of the railway linking Carnforth to Carlisle by the coast.

It had a remarkable locomotive stock, much of which was constructed in its Maryport works. Notably it bought a Crampton from Tulk & Ley of Maryport, and used both 2-4-0s and 0-4-2s 9and nothing bigger) in general service, as well as numerous 0-6-0s.

The history of this remarkable railway, and the shenanigans which attended its gestation and birth, as well as it final success, are well told in this readable book. 120 pages well illustrated with B&W photos, and maps. Paperback.