The Project Book ( New 5th Edition)


Want to build a live steam locomotive but worried as to cost etc.? Here is the answer - a Gauge 1 model based on an LMS 4F class 0-6-0 freight loco. First published years ago by the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association, this is an updated, revised and extended printing, giving full plans and construction details. The only castings you are need are the wheels, and whilst the model is single cylinder and slip-eccentric, when complete you will have been through all the processes involved in building a larger and more complicated engine. The design can be modified to virtually any inside cylinder prototype, or outside if you use dummy cylinders and valve gear. Great book! 97 page, spiral bound with card cover. Full drawings and many photographs.

This is the 5th Edition of this book, it has been greatly reworked with the drawings being redrawn in CAD and with large numbers of 3d renderings. If you already have a copy of this book I urge you to buy this update as it explains the design even better than the previous editions and really does make "The Project" a great beginner's project.