The "Quorn" Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

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Until his death in 1992 the tall, rather absent minded looking figure of Prof. Chaddock was regularly seen at major model engineering exhibitions. He had been a time-served apprentice, war veteran, Ballistics and IC Engine specialist and Professor of Engineering Design, developed the Quorn as a means-to-an-end, allowing him to create the unavailable shapes and sizes of cutters required for his BRM DOHC V8 engine. It has become a lasting tribute to his prowess as a professional engineer.  

He described the building of the "Quorn" and how to use it in this book which was been reprinted five times since it first appeared in 1984. Sharp tools are a first requisite for any engineer wanting to produce good work, and the "Quorn" enables these to be produced, and to unusual shapes if neccessary. It is also a satisfactory project in its own right.

128 pages with complete drawings, reduced in size, and numerous photographs. Paperback.

Casting kits for the "Quorn" are available from Hemingway Kits