The Shay Locomotive: An Illustrated History



This is “the most complete, thorough, and accurate book ever produced on this unique and storied locomotive. The authors have spent decades researching, collecting photos and organizing the information in this all-new volume.” Over 600 pages, more than 1000 photos, illustrations and drawings, a complete listing of every Shay built by works number, owner/operator and location, photographs of every surviving Shay, not forgetting the story of Lima’s involvement with Ephraim Shay from 1881 until the last Shay was built in 1945."

PLUS a great deal more - get the idea? A doorstop of sheer delight! This isn't the most expensive book we have ever sold, but I am pretty sure it is the heaviest, which impacts on delivery costs.

The above is largely what the publishers say. Having now seen the actual book, what do we say? Well - this is a superbly produced book and has been in preparation and writing for over twenty years. Whilst it has short chapters on Shay himself, and the Lima Locomotive Works, the focus is almost totally on the Shay locomotive itself and the technicalities of the successive designs and models.

It is a highly specialised subject, and I would never suggest that you bought a copy if you are only modestly interested in the subject, but if you are then you should have a copy of this book. It really is exceptional, and I imagine will appreciate in value over the years to come!

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