The Shop Wisdom of Jesse Livingstone

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From the pages of 'Live Steam' come these interesting engineering projects for model engineerings, who perhaps have built an "Ellie" and want to move to something larger, but still not too complex.

He starts off with two stationary engines which are relatively straightforward, and then a Berners engine, which is moving into experienced model engineering territory.

The undoubted 'star' of the book is the Filler & Stowell Logging Locomotive, for 7.5 inch gauge.The unigue feature of Filler & Stowell locomotives were that they had oscillating cylinders, similar to, if more sophisticated than those found on Mamod toys.

The other railway locomotive here, also to 7.5 inch gauge is :" Newbie", a vertical boilered 0-4-0 with a two cylinder oscillating engine driving via chains.

With both these locomotives you a will have to  arrange for the gauge of either locomotive to be reduced to 7.25" for running outside the USA, but their design should make this straightforward.

A number of short articles, largely connected to the locomotives, completes this book of excellent orojects.

172 pages, with full drawings for each project, andconsiderable numbers of B&W photos of machining set-ups and so on. Hardbound