The Stirling Engine Manual Volume Two DIGITAL EDITION



This book has been out of print for some time, and is now reintroduced as a digital book for viewing on a computer, iPad, tablet, etc.. Not downloadable on to a 'Kindle' or similar reader.

Published in 1999, in this long out-of-print second volume of ‘The Stirling Engine Manual’ James Rizzo has brought together 13 more engines for you to build - 2 based on historic prototypes, 4 ‘demonstration’ engines, one of which converts ball bearings and a test tube to rotary motion, 2 engines which demonstrate the use of diaphragms rather than pistons, and a series of 5 engines showing how to increase power by pressurisation.

Plus there is a brief resume of the history of Stirling engines, and a look at  then recent commercial developments. Great book for the model engineer who is interested in hot air engines, who wants to develop his hot air engines beyond the “miniature” stage and is looking for ways to go forward. 156 pages full of drawings and photos. 8 page colour section.

This Digital Edition has updated details on Suppliers and Bibliography

“Have received Vol. 2 - am delighted with it; a first class production of which you can rightly be proud. The colour pages are superb. A splendid piece of work - well done!”
Mr. A.B.  Suffolk - referring to the original printed edition

NB - this is a large file and may take a few minutes to download, depending on your internet speed.

NB - For technical reasons we are unable to offer Volume One of 'The Stirling Engine Manual' as a Digital Edition.