The Tralee & Dingle Railway


A most enjoyable and informative book - all 352 pages of it, telling the full story of the Tralee & Dingle 3 foot gauge railway's life and largely hard times, from 1890 to 1953.

Connecting Tralee, the capital of Co. Kerry, with the fishing port of Dingle 31 miles distant down the Dingle peninsular, effectively starting and finishing at sea level, and climbing to a summits of 680 & 480 feet on gradients of 1 in 30 or less, this was a fearsome railway, through magnificent scenery.

Passenger service ended in April 1939, and from 1947 service was a once monthly train transporting cattle and sheep sold at Dingle Fair. This attracted enthusiasts attention from the UK and elsewhere, whose cameras and writings contribute to this fascinating book. Fascinating because it links the railway very much to life in Co. Kerry over its existence. Huge numbers of photographs, some in colour. Maps and stock drawings.

Seventy years on from its closure, this is as close as we will ever get to journeying over the Tralee & Dingle. Highly recommended.