Thunderbolt's Last Run


When last seen back in 1953, or on TV screens most weeks since, the 'Titfield Thunderbolt' had triumphantly reached Mallingford on time to secure the licence for the operation of the Titfield branch. But what happened next?

That is the tale in this most enjoyable book which, after a Prologue, tells of the numerous problems, all ultimately overcome, of the following two weeks when the 'Thunderbolt' began to suffer alarmingly, as it is asked to run the service on its own. And despite being in jail, Crump and Pearce continue to scheme to wreck the railway, and the 'Thunderbolt'.

All this is in 1953, but Chapter 15 finds the Vicar and Mr. Valentine 20 years later, bringing the story up to 1973, when everyone other than Crump and Pearce are living happy and contented lives.

For more details you will have to buy the book!

124 pages. Six B&W drawings by John Wardle. Paperback.