TIMBER TITANS Baldwin's Articulated Logging Locomotive



Baldwin made only one attempt to break into the geared logging locomotive market which was unsuccessful, but they had considerable success with rod engines for logging railroads which they produced from 1909 to 1937; this extremely well produced book tells of the history of the 'breed'.

Their only common feature is that all were articulated, most were compounds, but a smaller number were simple expansion. Nearly all were standard gauge and the majority were tank locomotives, but others came with tenders - this includes the "Skookum" the first of the line, happily restored to operation Remarkably ten have survived and a number are in regular operation on tourist railroads.

A large format, landscape book with 455 B&W and colour photos, many full page, plus two full colour drawings and four three-dimensioned renderings, and a detail text. 256 pages. Hardbound.

If you like American steam, you will love this!

See THIS DVD for more on the long life and restoration of "Skookum", the first of this type.