"Tin Boats' of the Royal Air Force Marine Branch

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The 'Tin Boats' of this book's title were the replacements for the RAF's wooden high-speed rescue lauches, and these were steel.

Introduced from 1970 onwards, in a range of esentially similar designs, as well as air-sea rescue, they undertook high-speed target towing, torpedo and sonobuoy recovery, Granada anti-gun-running patrols during the troubles in Northern Ireland, Channel surveillance and the like.

The RAF Maine Branch, was disbanded on the 31st March 1986, and which point the fleet of eleven sea-going vessels were handed ovre to civilan contractors.

All the 'Tin Boats' are detailled here, with approx 250 B&W photos of many of them, drawings of the main variants and details of their service roles and how they were undertaken.

127 hardbound pages.