Traction Engine Design & Construction - DIGITAL EDITION



This book has been out of print for some time, and is now reintroduced as a digital book for viewing on a computer, iPad or similar. Not downloadable on to a 'Kindle' or similar reader.

NOTE - this was a large book and is a large download, so be patient - depending on your broadband speed, download could take 3-8 minutes (but is worth the wait!)

Originally published by him in 2000, Geoffrey Gilbert’s magnum opus went out of print very rapidly, not surprising given that it is the only book which looks at all aspects of the design and construction of British traction engines of all types, and road rollers, built in the 20th century. Wagons are not really included. When copies appear on the second-hand market they can fetch well in to three-figures, so our thanks to Mrs Betty Gilbert for permitting us to reprint this book as a hardback in 2013, after which it sold very rapidly.

Chapters cover Materials, Types under consideration, the Boiler, Boiler mountings, Boiler feed, the Engine (IE cylinders & motion), Gearing, Wheels & axles, Winding gear, Lubrication, Brakes, Tanks, Showman’s fittings, Scarifiers and roller fittings, and much more.

There really is more information here on the technicalities of the traction engine than you will find in any other book and, if you are interested in traction engines, working on them, or modelling one, you really must have a copy of this on your bookshelf.

342 pages. Around 230 drawings and B&W photographs, plus maker’s literature.