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The author of this book was Edward G. Hiller, Chief Engineer of the now defunct NATIONAL BOILER and General INSURANCE COMPANY who published it, this sixth edition in 1923. The book's full title was the "Working of Steam Boilers: being instructions respecting the Working, Treatment and Attendance of Steam Boilers. For the use of Boiler Attendants, and those in charge of and responsible for Steam Boilers".

The first 102 pages refer to Boilers generally, including "Lancashire", "Cornish", and Cylindrical Externally-fired Boilers. The remaining 62 pages refer to the special features of Vertical boilers, Locomotive type boilers (Both rail and road) water-tube boilers, Steam Superheaters and Economisers.

Given Mr. Hiller's position, one would expect this book to be good, and it is, containing huge amounts of practical information, notably on how boilers fail, and how they should be repaired. The section on how they fail in particular is worth the cost of this book many times over. The section on repairs has somewhat been overtaken by the march of time, but the principals are sound.

Of great use to anyone working on steel boilers, or just interested in the subject.

177 pages, including index and advertisments.